Ich geh heut trotz Wind nochmals in die Stadt zum English Monday. Very cool, very british. Nächste Woche sind der Schindl und ich mit einem kleinen Programm dran…. ? Dear ENGLISH MONDAYS friends. We have some some big news! ENGLISH MONDAYS is back! “Whaaaat?” We hear you say, “but you said it was all over!” Yes, yes but over the summer, we changed our minds and we would be delighted to see you at ENGLISH MONDAYS on the 30th of October at Schauspielhaus Wien at 20:00. This coming Monday!! It’s going to be a little bit of the same but also a little bit different. You can check out our trailer to get an idea of what you’ve got in store. If the return of ENGLISH MONDAYS wasn’t enough, Nicholas Hoffman will also be there with his performance “Word of Daucus, World of Doubt” featuring Laura Pudelek on Cello.


“Word of Daucus, World of Doubt“ is a 50 minute musical monologue which follows a questionable narrator’s attempt to create a rough taxonomy of the world by utilizing one specific object; imbuing it throughout the performance with disparate stories, conspiracies, CIA secrets, and love songs.

And the amazing Bryan Benner of Bryan Benner and the Pool Boys will be joining us once again with his rendition of his most favorite Disney classics!


So please come and join us next Monday at Schauspielhaus Wien. We can’t wait to see you all again.

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